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LassoTag Promotional Beacon

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Product Description

Wouldn’t it be cool if…

…my BRAND and Logo was on my customer’s smart phone?

…my company could create lasting relationships?

…my SWAG stood out above the rest?

…my thank you to my customer was High Tech?

…and of course, my Brand was not forgotten?

LassoTag Application combined with the LassoTag Beacon harnesses the “Internet of Things” to make your personal belongings smart!!

Through HighTech Mobile Branding Radius Alert Systems has designed and developed a suite of products to be easily white labeled for your brand.  This gives your customers a unique product that will promote awareness and recognition in addition to providing a needed service…  Protecting your Customer’s Valuables.

LassoTag Promotional Beacon and the LassoTag iOS Application makes personal belongings smarter!! Through BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) the LassoTag allows you to track what matters most easily, securely, and affordably.

Branding the LassoTag Promotional Beacon

Your HighTech Mobile Branding starts with the LassoTag Promotional Beacon.  Simply send your High Definition Logo to [email protected].  Radius Alert Systems will print your Logo on our high quality water resistant stickers and apply them to your LassoTag Beacons.  (See Photos Above)

Branding the LassoTag Application

The key to HighTech Mobile Branding is your customer’s smart device.  Each LassoTag Promotional Beacon has a unique identifier which Radius Alert Systems ties to your unique Brand.  After your customer downloads the LassoTag Application from the App Store and connects the LassoTag Promotional Beacon, they will see your Logo prominently staged and tracking their valuables. (See Photos Above)
Also, your brand will be prominently displayed in the alert notifications.

Through the LassoTag Promotional Beacons, you can expect 770 impressions per month.

Best of All…

Low cost!! Included in the one time price is Brand setup, quality assurance, verification, and testing. As well as the Annual Application Maintenance fees.

Use Cases

Did you just close a real estate transaction?

  Help your client find the keys to their new home with a LassoTag’s Hot/Cold Search & Rescue Feature by giving them a LassoTag Promotional Beacon at closing.

Presenting at a conference?

  Hand out LassoTag Promotional Beacons as swag or give-away.

Have you ever been infected by a virus from a swag thumb drive?

  Not an issue with LassoTag Promotional Beacon.

Looking to boost revenue with cool high-tech add-ons?

  LassoTag Promotional Beacons are the perfect add-on for luggage, bags, toys, and pet products.

Processing Time Frame

Please allow 3 weeks for Brand setup, quality assurance, verification, and testing.


General FAQs can be found HERE.

Does the LassoTag Application run on Android?

No, not at this time. It is currently in development and we are anticipating a release in 2015.

Does Radius Alert Systems, creators of LassoTag, store data on my customers/clients?

Yes. Radius Alert Systems does store data on registered users in a secure private database.

Can I have access to this customer data?

Yes, with customer approval.

Can I re-skin the LassoTag Application with my brand?

Yes, for development fees and annual maintenance fees. Please contact us for details.

Can I get a discount for high volume?

Yes, please fill out this form and a sales associate will contact you shortly.

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