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LassoTag is teaming up with NonProfit and Charitable organizations to help our community.

Through the Charitable Beacon Program, $5 of every Branded LassoTag Beacon sold will be donated to our charitable partners. Simply select the NonProfit or Charitable organization from the list above and add the Branded LassoTag Beacon to your cart.

Charitable & NonProfit Partners:

Benefiting Families of Judi’s House. James Davies was killed in the line of duty for the Lakewood Police Department. His wife and 2 children were helped by Judi’s House and started a Scholarship Fund for Judi’s House attendees.

What is LassoTag?

  • Just LassoTag it and know it’s lost before it’s lost - Utilizing the latest technology the LassoTag connects with the LassoTag iPhone App to wirelessly tether anything valuable from your backpack to your car keys. LassoTag allows you to easily keep track of your valuables. Visit our video page for additional details.
  • Smaller then the LassoTag HD, the LassoTag Beacon will fit in a wallet or on a key chain. Its about the size of a quarter!
  • Range of 50 to 80 feet
  • Long battery life of up to 6 months (included)
  • Unit controlled by the App - no buttons to push
  • Once connected it will auto reconnect
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LTE technology
  • Durable case
  • FCC approved, CE approved, and Apple iBeacon Certified

LassoTag App Features - please download from the iTunes Store

Three tiered alert notifications

  • Phone Signal
    • Based on how you set the device you get an audio alert directly from the phone that the LassoTag USB has gone out of range. Usually 50 to 80 feet.
  • Text Message alert (Premium Service - 30 credits free to start)
  • The LassoTag Cloud Database sends you a Text message to your phone or 2 other phones you load into the settings on the iPhone app
  • Cloud Server Phone Call up to 3 distinct phones (Premium Service - 30 credits free to start)

    • The LassoTag Cloud Database sends a phone call to your phone or 2 other phones you load into the settings on the iPhone app

Passive Server Tracking

With your connectivity to our cloud you are part of an entire LassoTag network. If you have your article stolen and then it passes by another LassoTag user, it registers on our cloud database and sends a signal to only your phone telling you where it is. Don’t worry, your data is private and secured.

Hot/Cold Search & Rescue Finder feature

Similar to the childhood game you’re getting Hotter or Colder based on how close you get to the LassoTagged item.

Client Center Cloud Based Tracking

(Amazon Cloud Database) When you register your LassoTag Beacon it connects to our secure database so you can see where you last had your Tagged article on the Web from your PC, Laptop, or any internet connected device. Client Center

Map Location Service

Scroll down to the Map and you can see your current location and the location of the LassoTag Beacon. If the Tag is disconnected you will see on the map the last known location. Simply expand the map to get a close up similar to all iPhone Maps.

Tag up to six different items or valuables

Our application on the phone allows you to connect up to six different LassoTag Beacons or USBs at one time.

Auto Connect

Our app automatically connects to your LassoTag Beacon/USB after registration and runs in the background on your iOS device.

Daily reminder feature

Select the daily reminder to set a time you want LassoTag to remind you of important items you want to take with you.

Inventory List

You can list what you need to have in your bag before you leave. For example, extra baby formula in the diaper bag.

Customizable name

Type the name you want to assign to your LassoTag Beacon. For example, Red Back Pack.

Customizable icon picture

Select a picture from your picture roll or use our standard Pictures (click the Icon) you want to assign to your LassoTag Beacon.

Customizable voice alert

Select the audio alert sound you want or record your own. (click the Icon) you want to assign to your LassoTag Beacon.

In app help

Help button in the right hand corner of the app that you can check out the different features and how LassoTag works.


General FAQs can be found HERE.

Is the LassoTag App branded with the charity?

Yes. The LassoTag Application is branded with the non-profit/charity logo similar to the LassoTag Beacon. The notifications also include the name of the non-profit/charity. Here are some examples:

Why is LassoTag doing this?

The staff here at Radius Alert Systems, creators of LassoTag, have always been involved in our community. We have supported many charitable organizations and realize the blood, sweat, and tears that go into raising funds. We wanted to make it easy for those who are in the trenches raising money for the less fortunate to fund raise year round.

Is my purchase tax deductible?

Yes. $5 from your purchase is tax deductible. Please refer to your tax adviser for details on filing.

Is LassoTag available on Android?

No, not yet. It is currently in development.

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