Life is distracting, tag the things you want to keep in range.

LassoTag and the LassoTag app notify you when an item you have tagged gets out of your reach (up to 50 ft diameter) so you can lasso it back in before it becomes lost!

We are the only Apple approved app that will work with any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device and we can tag up to seven unique items at one time.

The only thing you’ll lose is the stress and anxiety related to keeping track of all your things.

Become a LassoTag early adopter. Register to be one of the first to purchase the LassoTag hitch and receive the pre-released app and a 20% discount on the retail price.


Everyone loses things … their keys, cameras, computers, iPad, and more. Although your computer may contain valuable information,...
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  • Baggage
  • Children… why not?
  • Key Chains
  • Pets: Dog/Cat Collar
  • Hardware Technology

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Lasso App

Life is distracting, tag the things you want to keep in range…

The LassoTag app for your Apple iPhone helps you monitor 7 items that easily wander away or get left behind. 

The LassoTag app will be available in the iTunes App store in mid November.  We are previewing our product now on Indiegogo,

Want us to send you a LassoTag alert when the app is available?

Lasso What?

LassoTag possibilities are limited only to your imagination.  Here are a couple suggestions and possible scenarios that we are sure you can relate to

Have you ever left a restaurant and forgot to grab your purse? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you left it behind before you got to the car?

Do you frequently leave your backpack behind?  Get alerted before you are late for class.

Have you ever had a crazy morning racing to the airport and you have a hard time keeping track of all your stuff - your suitcase, briefcase, and laptop case?  Put a LassoTag on it and get a sense of relief. All items will make it on the plane with you.


Fido has a nice big back yard but occasionally likes to jump the fence and visit the neighbor dog.  Wouldn’t you want to know before he is gone too long?  Put a LassoTag on Fido and you will get an alert before he escapes.




  • Baggage
    • Computer Cases
    • Luggage
    • Purses
    • Backpack
    • Camera Bag
  • Key Chains
  • Pets: Dog/Cat Collar
  • Hardware Technology
    • Laptop
    • iPad
    • any other Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device

Alternative Uses

Use LassoTag in the workplace or organizational setting.

  • Coaches 
  • Police Officer 
  • Construction Workers 

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Everyone loses things … their keys, cameras, computers, iPad, and more. Although your computer may contain valuable information, can you imagine the loss you would...
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Lance the lost tortoise found 20 miles away from home. Should have Tagged him.

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About Us

Based in Denver, Colorado, Radius Alert Systems (RAS), the creator of LassoTag, is a personal area network company that designs and develops smart phone mobile applications to alert and monitor items using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Our goal is to pair technology and applications to help people simplify their everyday life..  

We have developed LassoTag, a propriety technology with the first Apple approved application using Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows the user to tag up to seven devices that they would like to keep with in their personal radius and be notified on their smartphone when these items go out of range. 

The company is currently in it’s pre-production stage.  The LassoTag app will be available on the Apple app store in mid-November and the wireless hitches will be available in before the end of the year as long as we can secure some financing for development of the devices. 

Contact us

Radius Alert Systems, Inc. (creator of LassoTag)
Castle Rock, CO 80108
Phone: 888-98LASSO (888-985-2776)


COO & Owner

Dennis is the visionary of the company.  He brings the financial acumen groomed by 40 years experience.



Kristen has years of experience building applications and leading technical teams. She and her team (including her husband Jeff) are constantly pushing for new ideas and product functionality.

Julie Gibbons

Sales & Marketing

Julie is a natural Sales and Business Development professional.  She approaches everything with zest, passion and a dedication to win. 

Dan Harrison

Electrical Engineer

Dan is our hardware and technical geek with 24 years experience designing mixed signal systems for a wide range of industries and applications.

AppIt Ventures

Software Development Team

AppIt Ventures, a full-service, mobile application development company, is an instrumental part of the LassoTag team in developing a full-feature app for the iPhones, iPads, and soon Android market.