New LassoTag launched

We are so excited to announce the newest design of the LassoTag. She is much smaller now (isn’t technology great!) She is about the size of a quarter. Lighter weight but still packing the same features she always had, and of course still the same 50 foot range. This newest design came with a battery upgrade that lasts about 3 months. Don’t worry these new features are not the kind that will cost you more money, in fact the new LassoTag is only $19.99. Check her out here -The New LassoTag!

As if that wasn’t good enough news for one post, we have another surprise. Now we are now offering LassoTag HD! This new design boasts an internal accelerometer. That’s geek speak for it will tell your phone when the LassoTag HD senses motion. It is also powered with our rechargeable battery that works with a mini USB charger cord. Have a look see for yourself here - The New LassoTag HD!

Also look for our new app on the app store coming soon. It also has new features that we are sure you are going to love.

Keep on Tying it to ya!