New LassoTag App Promises to Keep Valuables Safe

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New LassoTag App Promises to Keep Valuables Safe

LassoTag offers competitive solution for monitoring gear and gadgets

DENVER − August 20, 2013 – Affordable Bluetooth technology has allowed for the arrival of security solutions for wirelessly tethering and tracking valuables without using pricey GPS. LassoTag brings the affordability that consumers need with all the important features they want, making it simpler than ever to track, organize and monitor valuables through a smartphone.

LassoTag is a Bluetooth 4.0 device combined with an iPhone application that creates a wireless lasso around tagged items, alerting users when the item begins to move or is left behind. The tag is about the size of a domino, making it perfect to attach to easily lost items like laptop bags and backpacks to keys and flash drives.

LassoTag has the features consumers demand most:

  • Ability to track many items LassoTag monitors up to 6 tagged items at once, without suffering from slow operating speed
  • Rechargeable battery It lasts 10-14 days on a charge so users don’t have to scour shelves for a expensive specialty replacement
  • Affordability LassoTags cost $39.99 and the Apple app is free with in-app upgrades for premium features
  • Long range LassoTag monitors items up to 80 ft., and users can customize ranges for different items
  • Alerts you can’t miss Alerts elevate from a vibration to a text then to a phone call, even calling up to three separate numbers
  • Custom features Users can customize photos, alerts, ringtones, alarms, and ranges for a truly personal experience
  • Simple and easy to use Tether items by a simple bump of the iPhone to the tag for ultimate ease of use
  • Cloud Database Users can view detailed device history on a cloud database

“Our goal is to help simplify everyday life,“ said Dennis Lineberry, COO and Founder of RAS. “LassoTag provides a real sense of relief and security, taking the hassle and expense out of tracking our gear and gadgets, so we can relax and focus on what matters most.”

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About Radius Alert Systems

Based in Denver, Colorado, Radius Alert Systems, Inc. (RAS) is a smart phone app development company that designs, produces and markets mobile applications and hardware.

We make products that notify our customers when their valuables are leaving their radius or perimeter. Our goal is to make our customers aware of potential loss before it happens. Other companies may focus on retrieval of already lost items; we plan to prevent loss in the first place.

Our most recent product, LassoTag, is a monitoring technology to assist people in their everyday lives by making it simpler than ever to track, organize and monitor valuables through a smartphone.



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