Introducing LassoTag App 4.6.4

LassoTag App 4.6.4 set to release on 01/19/2015.

Premium Service Changes

Our customers have spoken and we have listened.  We are excited to announce that we are cutting the price of our Premium Service with this release.

What is the Premium Service?

When the LassoTag Beacon leaves your radius you will receive a FREE Audio/Visual Notification from the LassoTag application.  If the LassoTag Beacon is not back in range within 2 minutes, the LassoTag System will escalate and you will receive a Text message.  If there is still no response to the lost LassoTag Beacon, the system will call you.  (The Premium Service can notify up to 3 phone numbers.)

Price Change  

$1.99 will get you 30 Lasso Credits.  Each Premium Service action costs 1 Lasso Credit.  For instance,

iOS Audio/Visual Notification 0 Lasso Credits per action
Text Notification (via cloud services) 1 Lasso Credit per action
Phone Call Notification (via cloud services) 1 Lasso Credit per action

Lasso Credits can be purchased via iTunes.

As a thank you, we will be giving every account 30 Lasso Credits to try out the services.

Current Premium Service Members, not to worry.  Your accounts will be credited and extended to cover the next 365 days from this release date.

Don’t have the LassoTag App?

Download it today and get 30 FREE Lasso Credits.


Bug Fixes

Release 4.6.4 has general performance enhancements and bug fixes.