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Olympic Winners Lose Track of their Winning Medals

Posted on: October 17, 2012

Everyone loses things … their keys, cameras, computers, iPad, and more. Although your computer may contain valuable information, can you imagine the loss you would feel if you misplaced an Olympic gold medal?

Losing in the Olympics is one thing. But winning, then losing your hard earned medal must be devastating.

The 2012 Olympic Games officially ended this past summer, but the stories continue. How many and which Olympic winners lost or misplaced their hard earned medals? With  3,000 plus medals that were awarded in this year’s Summer Olympics, it is fair to say that a few athletes will succumb to the chaos and misplace a metal or two.

Dutch rower Diederik Simon lost his 2004 Silver Medal at an Athens pool party and in a panic he didn’t tell anyone.  Snowboarder Shaun Write found his misplaced gold medals in his mother’s car and another time at the dry cleaners. (Courtesy of story at http://stream.wsj.com/story/london-olympics-2012/SS-2-13789/SS-2-36298/)

Even our own Michael Phelps apparently had a hard time keeping track of his 16 gold medals from China in 2008, at times unsure about who had what.

The good news is that the International Olympic Committee does offer replicas for those athletes who lose or misplace their medals.

But who wants a replica? It is never the same, especially if you have spent your life training for such moment. 

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