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Lost Camera Bag equals Lost Memories

Posted on: September 12, 2012

There are days when as a busy mother I feel I am going to lose my mind.  But yesterday I lost something even more valuable than my mind – my camera bag with the digital photos of my kids from the last year or more.  I was at the aquarium.   I set the bag down so I could grab a snack out of the backpack.  Preoccupied by the excited tone of a four year who could not wait to see the shark tank, I walked away leaving the camera bag behind.

By the time I remembered it, the bag was gone and so were all the memories.  Of course I was kicking myself for leaving it in the first place, but I was also beating myself up for never taking the time to download the images onto the computer.  All I could think about was those photos and memories, their birthday parties, Christmas, our summer vacation, first day of school photos, etc. The images flashed before my eyes.  I would have given anything to have the photos back; I didn’t care about the camera or the bag.

LassoTag was actually created based on this same scenario.   The founder’s son lost his camera bag while visiting a zoo on a family vacation.  He told his dad, “wouldn’t it be great if the bag had called my phone to let me know it was being left behind?”

Just think of the agony, panic, and worry that could have been avoided if I had had my camera bag tagged with the LassoTag hitch.

Lasso Tag won’t be available until November but you can pre-order your LassoTag hitches now on Indiegogo.com/LassoTag.  The pre-sale units go for as low as $25 per hitch which is a small price to pay for my sanity. 

We encourage you to share this link with other forgetful mommies so they can be spared the anxiety of forgetting something because we are distracted or have moments of absent mindedness.


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