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Lance the lost tortoise found 20 miles away from home. Should have Tagged him.

Posted on: July 24, 2012

No joking matter, this is a true story, Lance, a 45-pound African spurred tortoise was  found after he wandered away from his suburban home in Lombard, IL.

As a pet owner, I am sure Lance’s family felt a lot of anxiety at the loss of Lance but what do you think Lance felt.  Do you think Lance just wanted a road trip or to frolic in the alley with the neighborhood cottontail? 

 Did you know that two million people in the US have turtles as pets (according to survey from American Veterinary Medical Association released in 2007

What if all of these two million turtle owners had an escapee turtle, think of the agony of loss..

LassoTag, yep that is what is needed in the case of the wandering turtle. 

Tag your Turtle!



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